Mercedes Benz has decided to launch is first in the EQ series, first production car in their new EQ Battery-electric sub brand. Mercedes is revving up things like never before in such a way that we all can have our hearts in our throats waiting for something big to happen.

Mercedez-Benz is about to introduce their first in the line, a full-size luxury sedan as part of their EQ sub brand. Mercedes chose to name their breakthrough technology as EQ which stands appropriately for Electric Intelligence. The new car will probably be named EQ S, with EQ denoting its EV status and S referring to its size relative to the rest of the lineup.

The classic S class  is said to begin the production of a new generation of cars in 2020, thus EQ S will stay separate from its former version but will not replace it in any way. The new generation of S class and the EQ S will be debuting in the year 2020. Both the cars will be built on separate platform. Particularly EQ S is relying on an EV-specific chassis which is engineered to accommodate large batteries.

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Mercedes EQ is set to launch a debut prior to launching the EQ S. It is believed that EQ C crossover will be the first car to be launched to officially join the Mercedes-EQ lineup. The first car in the lineup joining the EQ family EQ C crossover will be making its debut by the end of the year. Another concept by the automaker is EQ A hatchback which is a unique concept and can make it to productions as well.

As part of their plan, Mercedes-Benz plans to launch a wide variety of electric vehicle with electric intelligence as they are calling it over a period of coming 5 years. It’s also slowly leaning into mild hybrids, which offer brief hits of electricity for extended stop-start systems and small boosts of power to help offset turbo lag.


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