UBTECH is a home robotics company based in Shenzhen. Recently the company announced its huge $820 million series C Investment which it closed this week. Tencent and other investors led the fund raising round of series c.

The company is largely based in china and is rarely heard of in the U.S. Though the company has certainly taken some small steps in the states which includes a cute walking stormtrooper robot which they launched alongside the launch of The Last Jedi. The company showed off a robotic butler with a tablet face at CES in January. It was more of a concept than an actual product which could be shipped. Boldly the company has announced that it will be launching it officially in 2019.

James Zhou the CEO of UBTECH says that it will be using the funds money into accelerating their vision of bringing robots into homes.

He says,

“As technology evolves to include more voice and touch capabilities, people need new devices that communicate and interact more naturally and intuitively at home, at school and at work. While trends in robots and robotics are developing, no company has yet stepped forward with the resources, vision and products ecosystem to transform robot fantasy and fiction into robot reality. UBTECH is bringing this reality to life by expanding the possibilities for innovation.”

Currently the company has planned to invest their fund money into their research and development. Also some part of it will be used to hire and expand its global footprint. Though it is rumored that Amazon will also be launching a robotic device for homes but UBTECH by far has pushed the limits of home robotics potential in serious and sometimes informal ways.


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