Today Microsoft announced at its build developer conference, that it will be teaming up with DJI, the Chinese drone manufacturer. This new partnership is focused towards bringing the Microsoft’s machine learning technologies to commercial drones. Since Microsoft currently is working towards bringing intelligence to the edge, this is a perfect partnership to realise its goals, given then drones are semi autonomous edge computing devices.

DJI announced another of its partnership, sharing that it will be partnering with Azure and it is its preferred cloud computing partner and that DJI will be using its platform for analysing videos data. The two companies plant to launch better drone solutions, they will be using Azure’s IOT edge and AI tech for verticals like agriculture, construction and public safety. The two companies are already working on Microsoft’s FarmBeat Solution which apparently is an AI and IOT platform for farmers.

On part of DJI, a very innovative step is being taken by providing software development kit for Windows which will let the windows developers create native apps to control DJI drones. Developers can also integrate third-party tools for managing payloads or accessing sensors and robotics components on their drones. DJI already offers a Windows-based ground station.

DJI president, Roger Luo said today during the announcement,

“DJI is excited to form this unique partnership with Microsoft to bring the power of DJI aerial platforms to the Microsoft developer ecosystem. Using our new SDK, Windows developers will soon be able to employ drones, AI and machine learning technologies to create intelligent flying robots that will save businesses time and money and help make drone technology a mainstay in the workplace.”

In today’s announcement, Microsoft informed interestingly,

“For Microsoft, the partnership is an example of the important role IP plays in ensuring a healthy and vibrant technology ecosystem and builds upon existing partnerships in emerging sectors such as connected cars and personal wearables.”


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