Artificial intelligence is probably the most sought after technology from a past few years. In America itself, silicon Valley has been avidly talking about the tech and the potential and opportunities it beholds.

Now it looks like that growing political and economic pressure has ensured the involvement of white house in the matter too. Washington’s policy circle sees the potential in AI to improve efficiency and increase economic growth.

White House is also concerned about the job automation and competitive threats from china and other countries. In wake of this, white house has decided to bring together American stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges that AI beholds. The objective of White House is to bring together executives from major tech companies and big corporation.

Facebook’s  Jerome Pesenti, Amazon’s  Rohit Prasad, and Intel’s  CEO Brian Krzanich are already on the list of confirmed guests. White House had invited a total of 38 companies including united airlines and Ford. Majorly tech companies are a part of this AI summit.These plans are designed to coordinate various constituencies such as university researchers, scientists, companies, venture capitalists, and anyone else who might be able to assist in building out China’s AI capabilities.

If we have a look at the Global landscape then its easier to spot that policy makers have kept artificial intelligence and policies around it on top of their priority list. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France launched a comprehensive national AI strategy where a huge amount of fund is allocated to AI research and Development and AI based projects. Canada had also put together fund for research and setup various project to indulge local AI researchers including George hinton who is a notable figure in deep learning.

America is not as concerned with these nations as it is from china. China has been closely working with Chinese Venture Capitalists and have raised humongous amounts of funds to invest in the AI industry. By 2025, China wants to be a leader AI technology and it looks serious for that.


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