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Our Authors and Contributors are committed to provide credible and informative news coverage 24/7. To get in touch with our team, please use the details below.

Charlie Hughes (3)
Statoil Starts Up Massive Offshore Wind Farm

Charlie is a business enthusiast and a professional journalist. He received his degree in journalism from the University of Sheffield with flying colors. Since 2015, he has joined multiple news media outlets exhibiting his skills and understanding in the global business. Further, he passionately tackles environmental topics to participate in the worldwide awareness of keeping the earth clean. As a fulltime contributor to Buggy App, he aims to share his knowledge and expertise on online publishing and marketing, at the same time, increase the public's awareness towards global warming.

: charlie.h@buggyapp.com
: +44 7441 953983

Emily Robinson (3)
Toshiba To Save Plant Vogtle Expansion In Maybe It’s Last Hurrah

Emily is a perfect example of beauty and business. She is an online publisher, managing various websites that support women and wellness. She tackles online advancements such as marketing, advertising, and other technological changes that increase the chances of online businesses to flourish. In her spare time, Emily offers business strategy assistance and accounting. She received her degree in journalism from the University of Strathclyde last 2016. She is now a fulltime contributor and research expert to Buggy App.

: emily.r@buggyapp.com
: +44 7441 906963

Jasmine Green (2)
Closing Indian Point Will Have Many Reactions

Jasmine spent the last five years as an editor to a fashion blog. She graduated from the Kingston University with a double major in Business and Journalism. As an online publisher herself, she enjoys participating in global business trends, especially changes in the world wide web. She offers analysis and profound research to contribute to the progress of the topic.

: jasmine.g@buggyapp.com
: +44 7441 907634

Oliver Harris (4)
National Laboratory Endorses Transatomic Power’s Molten Salt Reactor Design

Oliver is our online expert with websites ranging from news to e-commerce. He is our go-to guy when it comes to online publishing and e-commerce. His contribution to Buggy App tackles the essence of online publishing and environmental concerns. His dream is to help businesses across the globe increase profit and generate leads.

: oliver.h@buggyapp.com
: +44 7441 912469

Thomas Roberts (4)
Standing Rock Sioux Threatens To Sue Federal Government

Thomas received his journalism degree from the Cardiff University last 2015. He has covered a diversity of topics. He is also an e-commerce enthusiast, an internet geek, and an amateur cook. Thomas offers online services such as fact checking, start-up analysis, and business strategy. He powers his headlines with in-depth research and market analysis.

: thomas.r@buggyapp.com
: +44 7441 921522

William Butler (3)
Nuclear Power Subsidies in Illinois Threatened By Lawsuit

William is our fashionista in the group. He loves dressing up and re-enacting his favorite anime. But, he is a man of business, and he extravagantly provides free information that his readers appreciate. William graduated from University of Sheffield last 2016, majoring in business and journalism. He varies his topics from Global Finance to serious environmental concerns. He is now a fulltime contributor to Buggy App.

: william.b@buggyapp.com
: +44 7441 921928